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We're so much more than just a technology company

We started with a simple purpose: to save the NHS. We want to revolutionise how the inefficient and outdated locum recruitment industry operates, saving the NHS millions in the process.

Pairoo is an innovative online technology platform that essentially removes the need for locum recruitment agencies - which are costly, inefficient and outdated.

Our story

The Locum Recruitment Industry is Broken

Launched in 2018, Pairoo is an innovative online technology platform that helps sessional GPs and ANPs connect directly to GP Practices.  Built using cutting edge cloud technology, Pairoo gives users a vastly superior service than that offered by locum agencies and at a fraction of the cost.

In late 2016, Hassan Ahmad - a technology entrepreneur - had a simple idea: to bring technology to the recruitment agency market by creating an online platform which connects candidates to clients directly.  After researching the recruitment market, Hassan began working in Feb 2017 on the online platform with a view to launching it for sessional GPs and ANPs.  Thus Pairoo was born!

With the initial back-end work on Pairoo progressing, and with seed funding being secured in mid 2017, Hassan started building out his team of developers and UI/UX professionals.  Work gathered pace and Pairoo was successfully launched in Sep 2018.

We'll never stop innovating

We're so much more than just a technology company.
We're focused on technology and customer service.  Using the latest technology we have created the most cutting edge recruitment platform on the market and we pride ourselves in our ability to continually improve the platform using the latest innovations in technology.  We are also fully committed to providing superior customer service by providing round the clock human support, based out of our UK office.

Great People

Our bright and knowledgeable team are ready to help you succeed

Pioneering Tech

Our clever in-house development team are always looking at ways to make your life easier

Amazing Service

Our customer service and account managers are committed to your success

Fair Pricing

We pride ourselves on providing transparent and fair pricing

Meet our team

Hassan Ahmad


Qasim Ishaq

Full Stack Developer

Ghassan Ahmad

UX and Design

Olivia Bennet

Customer Success

Pairoo exists to improve healthcare by improving the lives of healthcare professionals. Find and book sessional work directly, our platform recommends shifts most suitable for you, giving you higher rates, complete control and convenience.

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