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We're building something life changing for healthcare professionals, helping them so they can help patients is why we're all here

Changing an entire industry isn’t always a straight path forward, but it’s an experience unlike anything else

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We don’t believe in hiring smart people and telling them what to do. Working at Pairoo means you can shape your career in a way that’s meaningful for you — and we’re with you every step of the way.

You belong here

Diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams — every time. That’s why we make a deliberate effort to hire people from a variety of life and work experiences. We’re not looking for you to fit our mould, but to add your own unique perspective.

Available Positions

  • Customer success
  • Full stack developer
  • Marketing executive
  • UI Designer
  • Data Analyst

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Don’t see a perfect fit? Tell us about yourself and what you’re interested in. We always want to hear from good people who want to make an impact.

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Pairoo exists to improve healthcare by improving the lives of healthcare professionals. Find and book sessional work directly, our platform recommends shifts most suitable for you, giving you higher rates, complete control and convenience.

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