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The most cost effective alternative to find GPs

The leading platform built by healthcare professionals, that allows you to post shifts so locum can book for it directly

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The most cost effective alternative to locum agencies

  • Decrease Costs

    Don’t pay extortionate agency fees

  • Save Time

    Save time in HR, admin and payments stored centrally

  • Increase Fill Rates

    Increase your fill rates using our innovative platform

  • Intuitive Interface

    Easy to use, built for you by healthcare professionals

You can send us your shifts via email and we can upload them directly to our platform, as soon as a compliant doctor applies, you will get notified instantly and can choose the applicant.

Don't have a need for external GPs?

Use Pairoo Bank to get the power of Pairoo for your internal GPs.

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Create a shift in seconds

  • Create and remove shifts at your convenience
  • Bulk upload service available for larger clients
  • Never use an agency again

Interactive Calendar View

  • Interactive Calendar to manage your shifts with ease
  • View shift by status and progress them in seconds


  • Compliance checking performed with all documents checked thoroughly
  • Only doctors with all the necessary documents can apply for your shifts
  • Priortise which Doctors you wish to offer the jobs to first


  • Approve or query timesheets at the click of a button
  • Full audit trail
  • Automated invoicing
  • Full management system for billing and invoicing


Free Pro Pro Plus
% per shift booked Free/0% 8% per shift booked 1% per shift booked
Monthly Price Free/£0 Free/£0 £500 per month
Registration and minimum contract Free Signup and Registration, no Contract Free Signup and Registration, no Contract Free Signup and Registration, 12 month Contract
Features Complete Access to Pairoo Platform Complete Access to Pairoo Platform Complete Access to Pairoo Platform
Telephone Support Included Included Included
Monthly Usage Upto 20 hours per month Unlimited Unlimited
Account Manager Excluded Dedicated Account Manager Dedicated Account Manager
Pairoo Bank Excluded Excluded Included


No, we are a technology company. Pairoo is the recruitment platform of the future; enabling clients to engage directly with doctors without any middle man taking a large cut. The locum agency recruitment model is highly inefficient, old fashioned and unnecessarily expensive. Its days are numbered.
Registration couldn’t be easier. Just complete the basic Registration form on our website – it shouldn’t take longer than 30 seconds – and one of the Pairoo team will then be in contact to complete the process and guide you through the process. Pairoo has been designed to easily handle clients with multiple sites. You can set parameters, like Break Policy, IT system etc, either at the client level or at the individual site level.

The beauty of using smart technology is that it is highly efficient. This allows Pairoo to be very cost effective against the traditional locum agency recruitment model. Whilst the average locum agency charges you at least 20% for their highly inefficient service offering, Pairoo’s standard charge to clients is 8% and, we believe, you get a much better service with Pairoo too. Pairoo will only charge clients if a doctor is booked using Pairoo and the charge is based on the amount paid to the doctor. If a client doesn’t find a doctor for this shift then there is no charge. Think of Pairoo as a free option.

In addition to being very cost effective, if a client has its own bank of doctors and it registers those doctors onto the Pairoo portal – speak to us if you are interested in this; we will be happy to help – then the client is able to book those doctors through the Pairoo system for no charge whatsoever. Pairoo will be providing a locum bank management system – complete with timesheet and invoice management – completely free of charge.

We sure do. Although Pairoo is not an agency, we have taken some of the good parts from the locum agency world and brought them into Pairoo. Just like a regular agency may do, we check all the documents that the doctors upload to ensure that they are valid and correct. However, unlike a regular agency, we tag each document with an expiry date and have automatic notifications which go to doctors whenever their documents are close to expiry. If those documents reach expiry then those documents become unusable. We also maintain a full history of all the documents submitted so we can always go back to check things if needed.

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Pairoo exists to improve healthcare by improving the lives of healthcare professionals. Find and book sessional work directly, our platform recommends shifts most suitable for you, giving you higher rates, complete control and convenience.

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